What we do

Web design

Orris Technology specialises in creating appealing, affordable, intelligently crafted websites that generate fantastic results for our clients.

Web Development encompasses many areas such as interface design, usability testing, creating custom website design and user testing. Owning a website is more than just getting a terrific site designed and developed by professionals. It can also be about utilising follow up services to ensure you get the most out of your website.

All our works include responsive design. Responsive websites “respond” to the device they are being viewed on. This allows one website to be compatible on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers – all without the need for separate websites!


Orris Technology can help you and your business sell online.

With our assistance, you can create a professional and functional ecommerce website that allows you to connect to online consumers, collect data on your customers behaviour and preferences, gain new advertisement opportunities, optimise your businesses retail potential, and most importantly, increase your bottom line.

Setting up an online ecommerce website is just a start, converting customers into paying customers is one of the most important measurement of success for both of our clients and us. We also provide service for both new builds and existing ecommerce sites, to analysis habits of online customers with many techniques, strategies and methods, to increase our clients conversion and profit, tuning them to be as successful as possible.

IT Consulting

We provide IT Services to meet the demands of the fast moving Information Technology environment.  We will design tailored solutions to meet your requirements, together with an independent perspective, to provide solutions for existing challenges and for future planning.

Are there IT skills or resources shortages in your organisation?
Is internal IT support a distraction from your core business activities? 
These and other reasons are why you should consider our IT professional services.
In today’s business and networking environment, it is vital to have the correct skills in place to respond to the core needs of the business.

We provide the resources, knowledge and expertise, so you do not have the worry about keeping up with the latest Information Technology trends, maintaining skilled staff and keeping their training up to date. 

With years of experience in the IT industry, we also provide consulting service to improve your workflow and efficiency. We used Agile and Lean Methodology for years which ensure you have a better project management with accurate estimation and fast delivery.

Support & Maintenance

Website maintenance is vital no matter what platform you are working with. Quite often you will need changes to your website that you may not feel comfortable handling yourself. These might be new content, new layout and design changes or getting your website ready for the Christmas rush.

It is vital that your website is live and functioning at all times. With our help, your website can stay online with monitoring it at all times. Using a range of tools we can keep your site going when others fall down. If something goes wrong, we can jump into action and fix it, minimising the impact on your customers.

If your website is slow there is a high chance your customers will decide to leave the website loosing you the sale. With our help, your website can be outperforming your competitors in no time.

About us

We interact with our clients, we are a team of digital-first people delivering true, and valued stories through useful digital experiences. We work with our clients to identify all brand touch-points, the intersection where a brand connects and engages with its audience. We give the brand a voice, a personality, a look and feel – authentic assets. To us, it’s all about the journey, understanding and defining a brands essence and promise.

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