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Stream is a web based video sharing platform, you can access the power of sharing video anywhere at any time. No matter where you or your team are, anyone can access Stream on any internet capable device. It is accessible only to people with login permissions — that only your administrators can set — ensuring only the people that need to can see your videos.

Stream’s search matrix lets you build a playlist of exactly what matters to you. Search by event, action, or player to name a few, it allows you to use search-engine style queries to find specific moments as you need them. You can also save and load your favourite and recurring queries, customise and refine your searches as you see what they return.

Stream’s playlist function allows you to view videos and analyse as you are building your playlist, ensuring that your messages will be heard. You can also post comments on each individual clip to customise your message, then set the order of viewing before saving and getting ready to share. You can create playlists for each recipient, or for groups. When you share a playlist an email alert will be sent to all recipients to notify them that there is a new playlist to watch.

Permissions let players, coaches or even fans have differing levels of access; ensuring people see what they need to. Give open access, or tiered, it’s in your control. Wherever your team, coaches or even fans are, if they have authorisation and the Internet, they have your video at their fingertips. Your playlists can be downloaded to devices for your team to watch on or offline. Stream includes the ability to post comments on videos and playlists. Anyone can start a discussion, providing valuable feedback, wherever you and your team are.


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