HappyOzBuy - Orris Technology



HappyOzBuy is a online store focused on health products.

The major customer of the website is Chinese. We setup a home page demonstrating the most popular categories as a grid, covers products from baby food to mum caring. The home page provides a clean and quick way to browse most products the website listing. The ever-present navigation is faster and easier to use, retains leads and drastically improves user response.

For the shopping side, we provide a most loved feature, off-canvas shopping cart. It slides from the right of the screen when a products is added to the cart. Also the product filters are off-canvas. Wishlist functionality allows customers to add the products to a wishlist, so they can get back later to make a purchase. For providing the best customer experience, the site is also retina-ready, super mobile-friendly and fitting any screen sizes.

As an ecommerce site, one of the most favourable feature is probably statistics. The admin pannel of the website providing a detailed view for orders placed via the website. It also records the demographic and user behaviour via Google Analytics.